Corporate philosophy

Harmony with KUDA MAS, expecting satisfaction

corporate vision

Let car owners not worry about keeping a car

Our Mission

Let car owners drive more safely

Corporate Social Responsibility

Support employment and improve the quality of life

Support entrepreneurship and create the preferred entrepreneurial platform for the auto parts market

Provide market development channels for auto parts brands

Let entrepreneurs share the achievements of KUDA MAS

core values of the company

Respect customers, reuse talents, integrity, responsibility, teamwork, innovation, and mutual profit

Enterprise spirit

Professional team focuses on professional product market

Corporate style

Pragmatic, diligent and efficient

Business philosophy

Focus on customer needs and market channels as the guide

Corporate management philosophy

Equality, respect, tolerance, understanding, appreciation, care, communication, service

Corporate Guidelines

Not allowed: Use public for personal gain, deceive and deceive, seek employment on the job, steal company secrets, form gangs, and retaliate.