KUDA MAS Auto Parts is an integrated and ecological comprehensive auto parts enterprise that specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of automobile wearing parts. Based on the category positioning of “car fragile and consumable parts”, and the customer positioning of “terminal auto repair and auto repair shop”, the new business model of “car fragile and consumable parts industry + Internet” is implemented, and the whole industry chain is fully built. The Internet-based management service S2B2b2C business ecological platform implements the corporate mission of “making car owners safer”, builds a brand recognition that “safe parts are required to be distributed by KUDA MAS Auto Parts”, and realizes that “car owners have no worries about car owners” corporate vision.

KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Enterprise has carried forward the enterprise spirit of “the team focuses on serving one thing” and the “pragmatic, diligent and efficient” work style, focused on the industry and focused on development, and achieved good sustainable development advantages.

Build a brand marketing network center with the brand marketing network of ” KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain”, ” KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Business Ecological Platform”, and ” KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Training Center”;

Main product series: engine brackets, stabilizer connecting rods, bushing arms, brake pads, shock absorbers, LED bulbs and other products; relevant product suppliers continue to understand the business model and business of  KUDA MAS  auto parts companies on the basis of in-depth understanding The system is highly recognized and gradually formed a powerful alliance of auto parts industry chain legions;

KUDA MAS  Auto Parts, with rich industry experience and keen market sense, has laid a solid foundation for development, including clear corporate strategy, advanced corporate culture, perfect corporate governance, innovative business models, and scientific Organizational structure, efficient business procedures, excellent backbone team, stable expansion of marketing network, continuously strong supply chain, industry-leading independent brand, iteratively upgraded Internet system, continuous optimization of innovation and entrepreneurship system, harmonious and win-win industrial chain Legion alliance relations, etc.

In the era of the Internet and the Internet of Things, we follow the development of the market trend and uphold the innovative concept of “believe in the possibility of creation, with greater effort than skill”. We are striving towards the goal of a thousand-store chain  KUDA MAS  auto parts business ecological platform, and we are determined to become an automobile. The integrator and leader in the fragile and consumable parts industry has become the leading enterprise in the “full-industry ecological chain” of the automobile fragile and consumable parts industry. It is committed to uniting outstanding auto parts manufacturing enterprises and well-known auto parts brand products, integrating auto parts community service providers, Empowering the car service community maintenance station, working hand in hand to create a service car aftermarket, and fulfilling the vision and mission of “making car owners worry-free” and “making car owners safer” will surely take root, bear fruit, and bear fruit.