★ What conditions do KUDA MAS auto parts franchise need?

  1. Have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and highly agree with the corporate vision, corporate mission, corporate responsibility, corporate values, corporate spirit, and business philosophy of KUDA MAS Auto Parts.
  2. There is the first phase of venture capital, the basic store RP100 000 000, the standard store RP200 000 000, and the flagship store RP500 000 000.
  3. Possess various licenses for legal business operations, including business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, legal representative qualification certificate, etc.
  4. Agree and be willing to implement the relevant marketing policies, service standard treaties, settlement policies, brand management plans, etc. of the KUDA MAS Company.
  5. Actively participate in the KUDA MAS series of growth training activities.
  6. After the signing of the cooperation agreement, the first purchase shall not be less than RMB RP100 000 000 in batches.


★ Do I need to pay the franchise fee or management fee to join the KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain?

KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain does not collect any franchise fees and management fees from franchisees for the time being. At the same time, the headquarters will also provide the chain system for customers to use free of charge and provide various training and counseling for free to help franchisees develop faster and better.


★ What is the core advantage of KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain?

  1. Clear corporate strategy and advanced business model.
  2. A complete series of suppliers.
  3. Focus on the chain operation of vulnerable and consumable parts of automobiles.
  4. Have a perfect chain talent duplication system.
  5. Self-developed e-commerce platform and chain information system.

Five advantages build an irreplaceable chain system advantage to escort the development of UDA MAS Auto Parts Chain.


★ Can you briefly elaborate on the development strategy and business model of KUDA MAS Auto Parts?

KUDA MAS  Auto Parts is an integrated and ecologically integrated auto parts enterprise that specializes in R&D, production, domestic sales and foreign trade automobile wearing parts. “Auto Repair Shop” is positioned as a customer and promotes the advanced business model of “car fragile and consumable parts + Internet O2O community distribution”. In the process of practicing the corporate mission of “making car owners safer”, it is necessary to create “safe parts The brand recognition of “KUDA MAS  Distribution” realizes the corporate vision of “let car owners worry about car maintenance”.

KUDA MAS Auto Parts will adhere to the innovative development concept of “believe in the possibility of creation, with greater intentions than skills”, and strive to achieve the goal of “the business platform of KUDA MAS  auto parts chain for car owners” as soon as possible, and become one of the integrators and leaders in the automotive vulnerable and consumable parts industry. , Has become one of the main chain enterprises of the “full-industry ecological chain” of the automobile fragile and consumable parts industry, committed to many well-known auto parts brands and serving end customers of auto repair and auto insurance.


★ Please briefly introduce some of the self-owned brands of KUDA MAS Auto Parts?

KUDA MAS Auto Parts’ own brand-engine bracket, stabilizer connecting rod, bushing arm, brake pad, shock absorber, LED bulb and other series products.

The launch of KUDA MAS products will help us expand our market share and fully meet the needs of the market.


★ What policy support does KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain have?

  1. Sufficient market space for supporting facilities.
  2. Assist in the development of end customers.
  3. Online development of registered members and offline development of end customers.
  4. Store management system support.
  5. Talent training system support.
  6. The centralized procurement platform supports complete categories.
  7. Chain information management and control system support.
  8. The docking of industry chain finance provides franchisees with a package of financing solutions.


★ Can the goods be exchanged after officially joining?

According to company regulations, product non-quality problems are generally not allowed to be exchanged. When the franchisee makes the first purchase, we will make a reasonable and scientific plan for the first order with the franchisee based on the specific vehicle distribution in the local market and the general market rules, and try to ensure that the first order is complete and will not appear. A backlog of products that are not often sold. Based on our business management experience, we will provide franchisees with scientific, systematic and effective management experience and operating system to help franchisees grow healthily and rapidly.


★ How much money can you make in a year by doing the project of KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain?

From the perspective of the operation of a basic store, if you can achieve RP50 000 000 sales in one month, you will be able to maintain a breakeven with the labor wages of 2 people plus the normal expenses. According to our actual operating conditions, we generally achieve annual sales of more than 1M within two years, and net profit is about RP200 000 000.


★ What are the development prospects of Indonesia’s automotive aftermarket? Is there a big prospect for car fragile and consumable parts?

At present, the car ownership in Indonesia is increasing every year, and the used car market is huge. The huge auto market capacity has given birth to a huge auto aftermarket.

Car fragile and consumable parts are accessories that must be replaced regularly for car maintenance, such as engine brackets, stabilizer connecting rods, bushing arms, brake pads, shock absorbers, LED bulbs, etc. It is characterized by normal wear or performance degradation during use, until it is replaced normally according to the corresponding cycle. It is the most important part of the auto parts industry, and it is also the auto parts market with the greatest development space and potential.


★ Is there any quality assurance for KUDA MAS auto parts products?

All products of KUDA MAS Auto Parts strictly implement the ISO TS/16949:2009 international quality management system. We uphold the production philosophy of decisive start, and adopt a rigorous and pragmatic attitude to the procurement and research and development of the raw materials of the products. In standardized, systematized and institutionalized production management and quality control, we ensure that our products strive for excellence in every link, use the spirit of ingenuity to forge the quality of KUDA MAS, and practice and defend the corporate mission of KUDA MAS-making car owners safer.

KUDA MAS Auto Parts will continue to assume corporate responsibilities and missions, and solemnly promise to customers that all products with quality defects will be unconditionally replaced by the company. For direct economic losses caused by product quality problems, the company will assume corresponding responsibilities in accordance with the relevant after-sales service procedures.


★  Excuse me, after joining the KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain, can I represent other products on my own?

Not possible. KUDA MAS Auto Parts has a complete product structure, and is constantly adding categories with brand influence and competitiveness to continuously improve the product line of KUDA MAS Auto Parts. In the future, it will build a sound system product, gather global well-known auto parts brands, and create vehicles that are vulnerable to damage. One-stop supply platform for consumables. In order to allow franchisees to focus on the series of KUDA MAS Auto Parts products, to develop the KUDA MAS Auto Parts business faster and better, and to maintain the unified image, unified procurement and unified products of the  KUDA MASa Parts Chain, the company does not recommend that franchisees act as agents for other projects, especially It is forbidden for franchisees to represent projects that overlap and conflict with the current projects of KUDA MAS  Auto Parts. Furthermore, the current market for vulnerable and consumable parts of automobiles is mixed with good and bad. In order to prevent franchisees from committing to the wrong project, causing overstock of funds, sluggish inventory, and affecting normal operations, we suggest to develop together with the headquarters, connect with high-quality manufacturer resources, work together, and develop together.


★  How does KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain achieve market protection?

The protection of KUDA MAS  Motor’s matching channels has always been attached great importance. The healthy and orderly development of channels plays a vital role in ensuring the long-term development strategy of KUDA MAS Auto Parts. The headquarters spares no effort in the management and maintenance of the channels, and also hopes that the franchisees will abide by their responsibilities, abide by the agreement, and jointly maintain and stabilize the strategic layout of the KUDA MAS Auto Parts chain. When franchisees apply for franchisees, the headquarters will, based on the franchisee’s application conditions and actual conditions, reach a consensus after full communication between the two parties, and finely define the franchisee’s business area and include it in the contract terms. The headquarters requires that once the business area is defined, there should be no exchange of goods between each other, especially violations such as malicious exchange of goods, low-price selling, etc. Once discovered, the headquarters will deal with it in accordance with the contract terms drawn up by both parties and will not tolerate it.


★  Are there any sales tasks and sales rebates for the various projects of the KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain?

In order to better encourage the rapid growth of franchisees, the headquarters will objectively and reasonably formulate annual sales tasks for franchisees on the various business items of Jianguan Auto Parts based on the actual situation and market capacity of the franchisees. If the franchisee can successfully complete the annual sales task, according to the relevant provisions of the contract signed by both parties, the corresponding rebate will be given. If the franchisee fails to complete the annual sales task, according to the relevant provisions of the contract signed by both parties, the corresponding rebate will not be given.


★  Does  KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain distribute promotional items?

In order to better help franchisees to promote the terminal market, the headquarters has developed a large number of product information, convenient, fast, detailed and accurate quick reference manuals, as well as many posters, product manuals, catalogs, etc. At the same time, many small gifts and gadgets that repair shops love to see are also developed. In order to cooperate with franchisees to better display their brand image in the terminal market, we have also produced a large number of display stands to better help franchisees to promote the market and develop customers. The amount of gift gifts generally does not exceed 5‰ of the order amount. If the above proportion is exceeded, the franchisee can also purchase from the headquarters.


★  Does KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain have a unified decoration plan?

KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain has a unified VI identification system, and has a unified design scheme for the design of the door, background wall, front desk and shelf of the franchise store. Please ask the headquarters for relevant information when decorating. Among them, the production cost of the door head sign will be reimbursed by the company according to the actual production cost. At the same time, if franchisees need to use the company’s trademarks and related signs during their business operations, they need to be authorized by the headquarters and confirm the relevant manuscripts before they can be implemented. Better maintain and unify the brand image of Jianguan Auto Parts Chain.


★  What is the price system of  KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain?

KUDA MAS  auto parts franchise stores all enjoy the same purchase price. In order to strictly manage the market in an orderly manner and ensure the healthy and long-term development of the KUDA MAS auto parts chain, the headquarters has formulated a unified ex-factory price, a unified terminal price and a unified owner price. Uniform price is also one of the standards of chain management, and the uniform price will help the vigorous development of chain business. At the same time, we will also carefully investigate the actual market situation, listen to customer feedback, and adjust unreasonable pricing in a timely manner to continuously improve product competitiveness and fully guarantee the rapid and steady development of KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain.


★  What tools does  KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain have about e-commerce?

KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain is a business model that relies on an online and offline combination of e-commerce platforms. We have our own e-commerce company and have developed a dealer management system, which is mainly used by franchisees to purchase and manage orders from the headquarters. The KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain Management System is mainly used by franchisees to make and manage orders for their end customers. At present, we are vigorously promoting the KUDA MAS Auto Parts Mall and the mobile version of the APP, allowing end customers to inquire and order products in the mall, greatly improving procurement efficiency and enhancing customer stickiness. A sound and accurate product query system makes our original complex and professional auto parts business simple and fast. The KUDA MAS Auto Parts chain e-commerce platform is an important part of the KUDA MAS  business platform, and it is also an implementation platform for the KUDA MAS  Auto Parts to realize the strategic measures of automobile vulnerable and consumable parts + Internet.


★  After joining the KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain, does the headquarters have any financial support?

KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain has been pursuing a sales policy of cash on the spot, payment to delivery.


★  How does KUDA MAS Auto Parts Chain conduct brand promotion and dissemination?

In order to better improve the brand awareness and reputation of the KUDA MAS   auto parts chain in the market. The headquarters will do the corresponding advertising work every year. We have our own fully functional investment portal platform. And it is expected that in the future, we will reach in-depth cooperative relations with major portals, automotive industry websites and various investment promotion websites. On the mobile Internet, the promotion of investment promotion platforms will be accelerated, and the current mainstream and have a strong influence in the industry. Power Network has reached a deeper level of cooperation, fully promotes the KUDA MAS   auto parts chain, and continuously enhances the popularity, reputation and trust of the KUDA MAS  auto parts chain in the auto parts market. Occupy the leading brand of auto parts fragile and consumable parts chain in the auto parts market. At the channel level, KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain has become the preferred entrepreneurial platform for auto parts talents, and at the end customer level, KUDA MAS  has become a brand recognition that “safe parts must be delivered by KUDA MAS e”. At the level of car owners, the mission of the KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain Enterprise-to make car owners drive safer should be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain will continue to accumulate and move forward in all-round marketing and communication work.


★  Excuse me, what preparations should be made in terms of materials before joining the KUDA MAS  Auto Parts Chain?

Before opening a store, we need to make the following preparations on materials and hardware: computers, broadband, printers, shelves, storage space, delivery vehicles (mini delivery vehicles, electric vehicles), personnel reserves (front desk personnel, business personnel), etc.