What conditions do KUDA MAS auto parts franchise need?

  1. Have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and highly agree with the corporate vision, corporate mission, corporate responsibility, corporate values, corporate spirit, and business philosophy of KUDA MAS Auto Parts.
  2. There is the first phase of venture capital, the basic store RP100 000 000, the standard store RP200 000 000, and the flagship store RP500 000 000.
  3. Possess various licenses for legal business operations, including business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, legal representative qualification certificate, etc.
  4. Agree and be willing to implement the relevant marketing policies, service standard treaties, settlement policies, brand management plans, etc. of the KUDA MAS Company.
  5. Actively participate in the KUDA MAS series of growth training activities.
  6. After the signing of the cooperation agreement, the first purchase shall not be less than RMB RP100 000 000 in batches.